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User insights with targeted microsurveys
for small businesses.

Elevate your understanding of customer needs through highly responsive, in-product surveys tailored for specific segments, ensuring timely and relevant feedback.

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Deep dive into user insights

Uncover the voices and opinions of your audience, right where they matter the most.

Seamlessly integrate engaging surveys into your platform, website, or application. Collect feedback without disrupting the user experience.

Empower decision-making with AI

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create surveys that adapt and learn from each interaction. Experience unparalleled simplicity and user-friendly design.

Effortless Usability

Create dynamic surveys with ease.

Navigate the art of survey creation with ease. Our straightforward design streamlines your workflow, allowing you to construct and distribute surveys with just a few clicks.

Actionable Sentiment Analysis

Dive into the sentiment behind every response.

Our AI analyzes the tone and emotion of feedback in real-time, providing you with actionable data to understand your audience better and make informed decisions.

Uncompromising Response Security

Your responses are more than data—they're a commitment to confidentiality.

We take your privacy seriously. All responses are encrypted and stored securely. We never share your data with third parties.

Maximize feedback, drive improvement

Choose a pricing tier tailored to your survey needs, scaling from beginners to professionals.


Ideal for individuals and small projects. Free forever!


  • Create up to 3 surveys
  • Collect up to 100 responses per month
  • Basic survey templates
  • Standard support


Perfect for small to medium businesses or academic projects.


  • Create unlimited surveys
  • Collect up to 2,500 responses per month
  • Access to premium survey templates
  • Skip logic and branching
  • Export results to CSV/Excel
  • Priority support
  • Custom branding

Frequently asked questions

If you have further queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!

    • Can I customize the design of my surveys?

      Absolutely! Our platform allows you to modify the look and feel of your surveys to align with your brand, ensuring a seamless experience for your respondents.

    • Is my respondents' data secure?

      Yes, data security is our top priority. We employ advanced encryption techniques to ensure all survey responses are stored securely. Plus, we're compliant with global privacy regulations.

    • How many respondents can take my survey?

      The number of respondents depends on your chosen plan. Our free plan allows up to 100 responses per month, but our Premium Plan offers unlimited responses

    • What types of questions can I include in my survey?

      We support a wide range of question types, including multiple choice, open text, Likert scales, and more. You can also include media like images and videos.

    • Are there any limitations on the survey length or number of questions?

      Our free plan has a limitation on the number of surveys you can create, but our Professional and Premium plans offer unlimited surveys and questions.

    • Is there a mobile app for survey management?

      Currently, we offer a responsive web platform, which means you can manage your surveys efficiently from any device, including mobile. We are considering a dedicated mobile app based on user feedback.

    • How can I share my survey?

      Currently, you can embed your survey on your website using an iframe. We are actively working on introducing other embedding methods. In addition, you can share your survey via direct links, emails, and on social media.

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Uncover the voices and opinions of your audience, right where they matter the most.